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Counsellor Ron Cruickshank

Ron Cruickshank Counsellor since 2006

I Understand Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal dynamics have always fascinated me, and the journey of life brought me to the study of counselling. Graduating with a Diploma in Professional Counselling with Study Majors in 2006, I have been engaged in Private Counselling Practice ever since, restoring peace and love to thousands of people and their relationships!

Being skilled in a multitude of counselling modalities provides me with a great repertoire and enables me to find the perfect modality that is best suited for you. Be nurtured, supported and encouraged back to mental and emotional health.

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A Counselling Experience

When they arrived for their session they were made feel comfortable in a cozy setting and started to relax with a warm cuppa. They began sharing their perspectives of the problems with Ron, and before they knew it, the conversation had been gently guided into an exploration of their relationship strengths. With some help, guidance and gentle support, they were able to identify what they truly loved about each other and what drew them together …
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Are you ready for true change in your life?

Have you had enough of inner tension and discomfort?

Are you done with trouble and strife?

 Are you willing to put in the practice and repetition necessary to
develop new habits that are essential for change?

So many times I have heard people who participate in counselling with me say, “I wish I had come here first! I have been to psychologists, psychiatrists, other counsellors, nothing seemed to help, but wow! This is a totally different way of seeing the world that really works, and not just for a few days or a week, this is permanent change for the better!”

Discover what kind of partner you need

What is your biggest challenge?

What is Your Biggest Interpersonal Relationship Challenge?

Here’s the deal: What I’m going to start doing is begin writing about stuff people specifically ask me to write about, as a fun little experiment… To participate, all you have to do is click here to go to the form on this page and take two minutes to tell me about your situation and answer this one question: “What’s the #1 single biggest interpersonal challenge that you’re struggling with in your relationship that you’d like for me to talk about?”

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See the Angel of Love

Discover Your Perfect Dream Partner’s Personality Need Type Profile Quiz

Do you wonder, “What kind of partner do I need?” or “What type of partner do I need?” Well this is the “ideal partner test.” Information gained from this partner personality test can help identify your perfect partner’s ways of being and help to work out what part of the relationship team they will best fit in to and be suited for. Click “Read more” now to complete the test.

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Anger Management Support

An Anger Management Plan involves working with you to help you to process the four key steps. Firstly developing the skills to notice when the level of peace is dropping and to notice that quickly and early. Secondly discovering ways that one can step back from the tense interaction 

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7 Senses Meditation

20 More Benefits from Engaging in Life Coaching

Every little change in your life can add up to huge positive change over a short space of time. It takes real insight to recognize and bring change to all the little intricate aspects that go into building the journey we call “life” Focusing on these aspects and molding new automatic reflex behaviours and patterns can have huge benefit for you and for your relationships!

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Recipie Relationship Love Lady Chef cooking

Experience the Amazing Secret to Your Joyful Life

You may experience side effect with this potion that could possibly include feeling lighter, excitement, sensations of enthusiasm, giggling, having fun, seeing others smile at you for no apparent reason, feelings of youthfulness and radiant energy! If this occurs, reach out and share it!

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Relationship Building

Discover the Awesome Keys to Finding Inner Peace

There is an unconscious cycle functioning within us that has been handed down for generations, or you have locked it in place as a response to significant fear and trauma! Our culture, language and our society continues to support this way of unconscious thinking and it is actually killing us, slowly and surely!

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